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NCGH has been providing healthcare services to Neshoba County and surrounding areas since 1963. Whether for a medical emergency or to help keep you and your family well with routine health exams and screenings, please rely on us for all of your healthcare needs.

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Neshoba News

Magnolia-Evergreen Awarded for Excellence at the Caravan Health Accountable Care Symposium

Magnolia-Evergreen ACO was honored with the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) of the Year for achieving greatest reduction in cost per beneficiary by 8.5%, as well as achieving the Greatest Reduction in Readmissions Award (-20.3%) at the Caravan Health Accountable Care Symposium in Phoenix, AZ.

Philadelphia, MS - February 28, 2017 - Nearly 600 providers and industry leaders gathered in Phoenix for the first annual Caravan Health Accountable Care Symposium on January 11-12, 2017. The agenda included a banquet where Caravan Health presented the inaugural Population Health Pioneer Awards. This was an opportunity to honor organizations and individuals who experienced tremendous success in 2016.

The Magnolia-Evergreen Accountable Care Organization (ACO) was awarded ACO of the Year for achieving greatest reduction in cost per beneficiary by 8.5%, and Greatest Reduction in Readmissions (-20.3 %). With the help of dedicated provider participants, Magnolia-Evergreen ACO was able to deliver outstanding results and significantly improve the quality of care in its communities.

Participating providers of Magnolia Evergreen ACO include: Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus in Spokane, WA; Sunnyside Community Hospital & Clinics in Sunnyside, WA; Meridian Medical Associates in Meridian, MS; PA Neshoba County General Hospital in Philadelphia, MS; Anderson Physician Alliance Inc. in Meridian, MS; King's Daughters Medical Center in Madison, IN; Columbia County Health System in Dayton, WA; Douglas, Grant, Lincoln & Okanogan Counties Public Hospital District 6 (Coulee Medical Center) in Grand Coulee, WA.

An ACO provider is defined as:

"An individual or entity that: (1) is a provider or a supplier; (2) is enrolled in Medicare; (3) bills for items and services it furnishes to Medicare fee-for- service beneficiaries under a Medicare billing number assigned to the TIN of an ACO participant in accordance with applicable Medicare regulations; and (4) is included on the ACO's list of providers/suppliers."

Neshoba County General Hospital Sleep Center in Philadelphia Receives Program Accreditation

PHILADELPHIA, MS - May 27, 2015 - Neshoba County General Hospital Sleep Center in Philadelphia recently received program accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

"The American Academy of Sleep Medicine congratulates Neshoba County General Hospital Sleep Center on meeting the high standards required for receiving accreditation as a sleep disorders center," said Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler, AASM president. "Neshoba County General Hospital Sleep Center is an important resource to the local medical community and will provide academic and scientific value in addition to the highest quality care for patients suffering from sleep disorders."

To receive accreditation for a five-year period, a sleep center must meet or exceed all standards for professional health care as designated by the AASM. These standards address core areas such as personnel, facility and equipment, policies and procedures, data acquisition, patient care, and quality assurance. Additionally, the sleep center's goals must be clearly stated and include plans for positively affecting the quality of medical care in the community it serves.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited a sleep disorders center for the first time in 1977. Today there are more than 2,500 AASM-accredited sleep centers across the country.

Neshoba County General Hospital Sleep Center is directed by Kary G Whitehead, MD, and is located at 1001 Holland Avenue. For more information about the services at Neshoba County General Hospital Sleep Center call 601.663.1332 or 601.663.1334.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is a professional medical society for clinicians, researchers, and other health care providers in the field of sleep medicine. As the national accrediting body for sleep disorders centers, the AASM is dedicated to setting standards and promoting excellence in sleep medicine health care, education and research.

Neshoba County General Hospital - Nursing Home Announces New Team Member

Neshoba County General Hospital - Nursing Home welcomes Laraib Tabba, MD to its team of pediatric medicine providers. Julia Riley, MD and Ann Richardson, CFNP are pleased to announce that Dr. Tabba will join their practice at, Neshoba Pediatric Medical Clinic, 1121 East Main Street, Philadelphia, MS effective August 1, 2015.

Dr. Tabba received his medical degree at Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, PA. His Bachelors in Science at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. He completed his Residency at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, California. "We are pleased that Dr. Tabba has joined the medical staff of Neshoba County General Hospital and we look forward to offering increased access to high quality medical care to the citizens of our area," said Lee McCall, Chief Executive Officer of Neshoba County General Hospital. "Our goal is to expand quality medical services in our region of Mississippi by attracting more physicians to our medical staff and installing the latest medical technology in our clinics and hospital.

Dr. Tabba will be seeing patients Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Neshoba Pediatric Medical Clinic, located at 1121 East Beacon Street, Suite 6 Philadelphia, MS. Walk-ins are welcome. For an appointment call. 601-656-9900 For additional information call 601-663-1412 or visit our website @www.neshobageneral.com

Neshoba County General Hospital - Nursing Home Named An America's Best Hospital for Emergency Care by Women's Choice Award®

Neshoba County General Hospital - Nursing Home honored for providing exceptional patient care and treatment

Philadelphia, MS - April 14, 2015 - Neshoba County General Hospital - Nursing Home was named by Women Certified, the home of Women's Choice Award®, as one of America's Best Hospitals for Emergency Care, acknowledging its dedication to providing exceptional patient care and treatment . This coveted credential was achieved by 373 hospitals, less than 10% of the 3,800 emergency rooms that report data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

"Providing the best in Emergency Care is the combined effort of hospitals, physicians, nurses and EMS Practitioners and we commend those recognized for striving for extraordinary care," remarked Conrad "Chuck" Kearns, President of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, serving EMS Practitioners in 50 countries around the world.

Emergency Service (ES) account for more than 125 million hospital visits annually, and all clinicians must have expertise in caring for patients across their life span, often when their healthcare needs are urgent and unplanned. Unlike other hospital departments that interact with the same patient and families for an extended period, ES staffs typically have one patient encounter, often when anxiety and fear is at its peak.

Neshoba County General Hospital - Nursing Home earned this credential by having ranking highly on the eight emergency department measures CMS publicly reports. A hospital can be eliminated from the award if they fall outside the 25th percentile for two or more of the eight measures, depending on their importance. The award is also limited to those hospitals with a solid recommendation on Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems.

The Women's Choice Award helps women and their families by providing recommendations they can trust and use when making healthcare choices.

"We have found that recommendations are an important consideration used by women in selecting a hospital for themselves and their family. By helping women know which hospitals in their area provide the best emergency care, we are able to help them make better decisions, especially when it comes to emergency situations," said Delia Passi, CEO & Founder of the Women's Choice Award.

The full list of awarded emergency care centers is available at http://www.womenschoiceaward.com/awarded/best-hospitals/emergency-care/.

New Facility at Neshoba General to Open Soon...

A good night's sleep is essential to your health.

According to American Academy of Sleep Medicine, more than 100 million Americans of all ages fail to get a good night's sleep. At Neshoba County General Hospital, we hope to reduce that number. We will soon open a two-bed Sleep Lab dedicated to diagnosing and treating sleeping disorders.

The new lab will be located in a newly remodeled portion of the hospital that opened 51 years ago. The Sleep Lab's two rooms will be equipped with the comforts of home to help patients sleep while they are under observation. Our goal is to make the experience comfortable while making our patients feel as close to home as possible.

Generally, patients who come to the Sleep Lab would stay for overnight testing, where they can be monitored while they sleep. Common sleep problems include obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy and restless leg movement, among others. Several sleep disorders are the result of breathing problems. Work schedules, travel, lifestyle factors, environment factors and psychiatric disorders can also cause sleep problems.

Neshoba General will have the only dedicated Sleep Lab in Neshoba County. There is a big need for sleep disorders treatment in the area. The wait to get an appointment at other nearby centers can be as long as several months.

People trained to be sleep technologist are usually respiratory therapists. Our Sleep Lab plans to host sleep clinic days as well.

Tips to get a good night's rest:

Stick to a sleep schedule
Don't go to bed hungry or stuffed
Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol
Get comfortable; a cool room is often best
Limit daytime naps
Get exercise
Manage stress

We will share additional information, as we draw closer to our grand opening.

Neshoba County General Hospital - Nursing Home Announces New Outpatient Infusion Unit

Neshoba County General Hospital - Nursing Home, in its effort to provide the most comprehensive medical services for our Community, is excited to announce the opening of our Outpatient IV Infusion Unit. We will provide infusion therapy services for IV antibiotics and chronic diseases in a friendly, welcoming environment. Our registered nurses and trained Pharmacists have specialized training in IV infusion therapies and are focused on patient safety and comfort. The infusion unit is supplied with comfortable leather recliners and a new flat screen TV, we are dedicated to making your experience as pleasant as possible.

Our nurses are specially trained to provide a wide range of therapies. If you have questions or would like additional information please call our dedicated professionals at 601-663-4224. We are very fortunate to have such a great team here at The General, and look forward to serving your healthcare needs. For additional information about services available at Neshoba County General Hospital - Nursing Home call 601-663-1412 or visit our website @ www.neshobageneral.com.

Confused about the new recommendations for when to have a mammogram?

We at Neshoba County General Hospital are dedicated to excellence when it comes to your health care. We are advocates for early detection of breast cancer and we follow the American Cancer Society guidelines for screening mammography.

The American Cancer Society has published that they will not change their guidelines based on the recommendations made by the United States Preventive Services Task Force. The American Cancer Society continues to recommend annual screening using mammography and clinical breast examination for all women beginning at age 40.

As with all of your questions and concerns for your health, it is best to speak with your personal physician or healthcare provider. If you do not have a provider, we welcome the opportunity to serve your needs. You can read about our family of providers on this site at Health Clinics.